Creativity was in her

This is a quote from the book Meridian by Alice Walker.

Quote by Alice Walker, “Creativity was in her, but it was refused expression. It was all deliberate. A war against those to whom she could not express her anger or shout, ‘It’s not fair!’”

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If you’re interested, you can read an excerpt from the book here.

Meridian – Summary

Here is the book summary from Goodreads:

“The second novel written by Alice Walker, preceding The Color Purple is a heartfelt and moving story about one woman’s personal revolution as she joins the Civil Rights Movement. Set in the American South in the 1960s it follows Meridian Hill, a courageous young woman who dedicates herself heart and soul to her civil rights work, touching the lives of those around her even as her own health begins to deteriorate. Hers is a lonely battle, but it is one she will not abandon, whatever the costs. This is classic Alice Walker, beautifully written, intense and passionate.”

Copyright © 1976 by Alice Walker.

More details can be found on Goodreads and on StoryGraph.

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