A kind of dazed horror

This is a quote from the book Someone Like You by Roald Dahl. As this is a collection of short stories, the quote comes from the story ‘Lamb to the Slaughter.’

Quote by Roald Dahl, “And he told her. It didn’t take long, four or five minutes at most, and she sat very still through it all, watching him with a kind of dazed horror as he went further and further away from her with each word.”

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If you’re interested, you can read an excerpt from the book here.

I should note, Roald Dahl is a problematic author, there have been quite a few instances of discriminatory language and behaviour from him. In no way do I support or endorse any of those views. I do enjoy his work that I’ve read and some of his short stories got me back into reading. If you prefer to avoid all problematic authors, I completely understand.

Someone Like You – Summary

Here is the book summary:

In Someone Like You are fifteen classic tales told by the grand master of the short story, Roald Dahl.

Here, in Roald Dahl’s first collection of his world famous dark and sinister adult stories, a wife serves a dish that baffles the police; a harmless bet suddenly becomes anything but; a curious machine reveals a horrifying truth about plants; and a man lies awake waiting to be bitten by the venomous snake asleep on his stomach.

Through vendettas and desperate quests, bitter memories and sordid fantasies, Roald Dahl’s stories portray the strange and unexpected, sending a shiver down the spine.

Copyright © 1953 by Roald Dahl.

You can find more details here on Goodreads and on StoryGraph.

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